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    Your windshield is an integral part of your family’s safety on the road. However, when your windshield breaks or cracks due to a flying rock while driving on a highway, it is best to contact a professional windshield repair & replacement service as soon as possible to ensure your family’s safety on the road. A severely chipped windshield can make your car dangerous and difficult to drive. It can blur the vision of the driver, cause your airbags to function inaccurately, and can lead to a horrific collision. A car glass replacement should only be carried out by a certified and experienced windshield repair service. If your windshield has experienced some sort of damage, then we are the experts you are looking for.

    About us
    Windshield Repair El Paso Pros is a local auto glass repair company operating in El Paso and its neighboring areas. We are proud to be one of the longest existing auto glass replacement services in El Paso. We are backed by our team of qualified and experienced professionals who can deal with any type of auto glass damage. Our experts have received the highest training level according to our industry standards. We are armed with advanced state-of-the-art equipment and machinery and our experts are skilled to use them to repair your chipped glass quickly and safely. We understand that your vehicle means a lot to you. This is why you need it in the best hands if something goes wrong with it. We will do everything possible to earn your trust and confidence. We believe in providing the best customer service so that your entire experience with us is pleasant and stress-free.

    Our Services

    As an auto glass replacement and repair company, we are here to help you restore your car’s safety and functionality back to normal. We are certified, trained, skilled, and experienced to repair or replace all types of auto glass. We offer the best windshield replacement in El Paso, and also windshield repair, car window repair, car door window replacement, rear windshield replacement, side view mirrors, and many other auto glass services.

    Windshield Replacement El Paso Pros - Windshield repair

    Windshield Repair in El Paso

    If you see a small crack or chip on your windshield, don’t wait for it to crack further. Windshield damage always comes as a surprise and if the damage is just a crack or chip, then a quick windshield repair can be all you need. If you wait too long then even a small chip can turn into a huge crack which will require full windshield replacement. At Windshield Repair El Paso Pros, we are armed with our highly-skilled experts and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your car’s safety back to normal. Contact us immediately as you notice any damage and let us take care of the rest.

    Windshield Replacement

    If you are an experienced commuter, it is highly possible that you have experienced the shock when a small rock hits your vehicle’s windshield on the highway. This is quite frustrating given that this damage did not occur due to your negligence. Depending on the extent of your damage, you will have to either repair or replace your windshield entirely. Our Windshield Replacement El Paso Pros will assess your damage and if we cannot repair it, the very last option would be to replace the windshield with a new one. Our experts have the experience and skills to install a new windshield for the Texas area properly so that your safety on the road is guaranteed.

    Windshield replacement El Paso Pros Replacing a windshield
    Windshield Replacement El Paso - Car window repair

    Car window repair in Texas

    Let us assist you in repairing your ugly, chipped car window so that it looks better than ever. We have the skills and expertise to repair and completely remove small crack on your car window so that it looks just like new. We use the most up to date procedures and techniques to remove air from the crack and replace it with durable glue. We will do everything possible to restore your car window’s strength and improve its overall appearance while making sure that the damage of further cracking is prevented. However, car windows are more likely to break further needing a replacement.

    Car window replacement

    Just like replacing your windshield, replacing your car windows is also possible. If your car windows have attained a lot of damage or are completely shattered, then you must get it replaced as fast as possible in order to avoid accidents on the road. We will inspect your damaged car window carefully, then we will vacuum any debris or glass from inside your vehicle, and insert a brand-new car window. We will make sure that this straightforward yet technical process is completed professionally so that you can hit the road with your new and stronger windows as soon as possible.

    Windshield Repair El Paso Texas - Car window Replacement
    Windshield Repair El Paso, TX -Rear Windshield Replacement

    Rear windshield replacement

    If your rear windshield has been damaged beyond repair, then we have no other option but to get it replaced completely. However, you can rest assured that our experts will remove the damaged rear windshield with minimal fuss, and fit a top-quality rear windshield according to your vehicle's model and make. When it comes to auto glass replacement, only trust the experts. Having years of experience, we offer a fast and reliable rear window replacement service. Give us a call today and get your free quote.

    Side view mirror repair

    The very important part of being safe on the road is to know what’s going on around you. That is where your side view mirrors come into play. Damaged side view mirrors are considered to be a serious safety issue that can lead to a hazardous incident. Without properly functioning side view mirrors, you will not be able to switch lanes on the highway or see your blind spots. Apart from being unsafe, driving with a damaged side view mirror is also illegal and you could easily end up getting fined for it. If you have a damaged side view mirror that needs to be repaired or replaced, then contact us right now and our experts will be happy to serve you.

    Auto Glass El Paso - Side view mirror repair

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    Use of high-quality products
    Many El Paso Windshield Repair companies do not use good quality products which can undermine your safety on the road. Inferior products that are a poor fit for your car can be a major safety issue. Here at Windshield Repair El Paso Pros, we use the best possible materials to ensure a long-lasting solution for your vehicle.

    We provide the best auto glass repair and replacement services in El Paso. We strictly follow the guidelines provided by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS). We have trained our experts to use the techniques and procedures provided by the AGRSS so that our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their family will remain safe on the road.

    Affordable prices
    If you are looking for an affordable windshield replacement in El Paso TX, we are the experts to call. Our prices will either meet or beat our competitor’s prices. Visiting a dealership to buy replacement parts to do it yourself is time-consuming and expensive. Avoid wasting your time and money and choose us to provide you with the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. Give us a call today and let’s see how we can help you.

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    We are the professionals to call when you are seeking fast repair and the best solutions for you auto glass. We can repair and replace your chipped windshield in a professional manner. We have so many years experience in doing this, so just give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the best solution for your problems.

    “My windshield had a serious crack so I contacted them to get it replaced immediately. I am glad that I chose them over others. They were very professional and did a very nice job. It was a pleasure to do business with them. The best part was that they finished the job under the specified time and budget. Thank you for the great work. I will definitely use their services again.”
    - Olivia E.

     “I have three words to describe their service: fast, convenient, and affordable. Their staff was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what they were doing and they finished their job under the said time. I am extremely happy and satisfied with their service and I highly recommend them. Keep it up.”
    - Jack M.

    “I found your website while searching for a window replacement because my car door window was damaged. I took a chance on your company and I am happy that I chose you to do the job. You did an excellent job of replacing my car's window in time and under my budget. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality and affordable auto glass repair in El Paso.”
    - Tyler K.