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If you observe your front and rear windshields from a distance, you might think that they both look the same. This is because they are essentially large pieces of glass that cover your vehicle and protect the passengers. But in reality, these two pieces of glass serve entirely different purposes. The rear windshield is a lot different than the front windshield. This difference plays a big part when it comes to rear windshield replacement. Unlike a front windshield, a rear windshield comes with a bunch of horizontal lines in it that run from top to bottom. These lines are basically very thin wires that heat the glass. The primary job of these wires is to defrost and defog the rear glass. Now, if you have a damaged rear windshield, it is important to have a skilled professional who knows how to handle these replacements.

Since the front windshield is facing the winds, it is more likely to experience any kind of damage on the highway. But your rear windshield is not entirely safe. You can always experience some kind of damage to your rear windshield. Although a damaged rear windshield is not as dangerous as a damaged front windshield, you must not completely ignore it. A small chip in your rear windshield may not pose much threat to your safety but you should really contact an expert to take a look at your car and assess the damage. Or else, a small issue can easily turn into a much bigger problem over time.

Here at Windshield Repair El Paso Pros, we employ our certified and highly-trained staff who will execute the safest and most advanced replacement methods so that your new rear windshield installation is done professionally. We only use the highest-quality products to carry out the replacement. If you choose us to perform a rear windshield replacement on your vehicle then our experts will follow the following simple and straightforward steps so that your rear windshield replacement is done in the right manner. Here is a breakdown of our rear windshield replacement process:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the damage.
  • Carefully remove the damaged rear windshield, along with any debris.
  • Vacuum broken glass and debris from the interior of your vehicle.
  • Safely insert a new rear windshield.
  • Make sure that the sensors are functioning perfectly.

Our team is fully committed to offering convenient scheduling so that our customers can have the flexibility of booking an appointment whenever it is feasible. Not only that, but we can also arrange the same day rear windshield replacement service. With years of experience, our highly-skilled and trained technicians can finish a full rear windshield replacement in less than an hour so that you can hit the road in no time flat. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a damaged rear windshield, contact us right away and get it fixed immediately before it turns into a costly solution.

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